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07.20-22.12 Balch Park Camping Trip Erik Bartley via Compfight

There I stood soaking wet. How did I get here? Where is everybody? Where am I?

The lush forest grew tall and it looked as if it stretched to the horizon. It was like a dream, an image of beauty. But I didn’t wan’t to stay who knows what’s lurking in the bush for me. I needed to know how to get out of this fantasy. All of a sudden trees start to russell, and fall down, it moved like the wind. I began to panic, I’m alone, I have no clue where I am and now I’m about to be eaten. It jumped higher than a kangaroo out of the bush it was hiding in. It was huge and it moved so fast I didn’t know what it was. Then it crawled back into the bush. It looked like a rabbit but bigger and faster. I began to follow this mystery animal, but it got away. Then….. I heard snarls, growls and barks, wolves I whisper and they’re all here for dinner, which must be me. The whole pack had come, a huge ambush ready to pounce. They were all around me, every time I tried to get away they were waiting.  Gray Wolf Pack Lauren Anderson via Compfight

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  1. Dear Chels,
    I loved your story, I love the way you included the images, it gave me a great idea of what you were trying to tell us.
    Great job Chels!
    From Sophie

  2. Hi Chelsea I love your blog it is so cool how you have Olly and Eddie on your blog I thought they are very cute.

    I wish you would have had more to read. The story was very good ,but it would have been easier to read if it had paragraphs ,but don’t worry we have all made the same mistake.

    I wounder how you thought of putting Olly and Eddie on you blog because it was a very good idea.

    If you would like to visit my blog you can find it on this link >

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